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Inspired to Teach Yoga at Heart of the Village

Inspired to Teach Yoga at Heart of the Village

Life is what happens when you're busy making plans.

John Lennon

After a dozen years of attending yoga workshops and teacher-trainings, usually in the background accompanying my wife,  Jo Kirsch, I am finally beginning to teach yoga myself at the Heart of the Village Yoga Studio. My inspiration to teach has been growing for years: I’ve witnessed the healing effect yoga brings to people’s lives through the seemingly simple practice of focused breathing and coordinated movement; I’ve seen how present-moment mind-body awareness can improve athleticism and reduce injury; and I have a keen awareness of how the practice of yoga can put each of us in a better place to deal with stress, aging, changing circumstances, and fast-paced lives.

For 3 years, Jo and I worked out-of-town with combat veterans through our work associated with the Adaptive Sports Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project. I was engaged intimately in developing and facilitating experiences intended to help participants transition from combat to community in ways that were holistic in nature and based on our understanding of yoga and mindfulness-based practices. These experiences changed lives. And I will be forever grateful for these experiences. They form the basis for my understanding of the integrated nature of wellness… and the foundation from which I hope to develop my yoga teaching career.

Mayurasana, Peacock Pose, in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Mayurasana, Peacock Pose, in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

As an experiential teacher and intuitive person, I am used to feeding off of the natural talents and energies of the group; I hope my teaching style will bring a sense of learning through group interaction as well as personal practice. As an athlete and trainer, I hope to include movements that I’ve learned over the years that will help athletes become both stronger and more mobile. As an outdoor educator and team-builder, I hope my classes will bring a deepened connection to our place in nature and within our community. And as a caring human being, I hope to heighten a sense of inner peace and renewed energy through a flowing and joyful asana practice.   I enter this work with both a sense of excitement and apprehension… I will do my best to live up to the heart-felt standard you have come to expect at HOTV Yoga Studio, and to “co-create” (with you) life-enhancing and educational yoga class experiences!

Bob Speck©2014

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