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What do I wear to yoga?

What do I wear to yoga?

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Newcomers often ask “What do I wear to yoga?” At Heart of the Village Yoga we keep the studio at about 72 degrees for most classes. We recommend you wear comfortable, stretchy, clothing, and dress in layers. As you practice yoga,  your body temperature will increase. So, its good to wear layers that you can easily peel off as you heat up.

Men often wear a sleeveless shirt or tee shirt and gym or basketball shorts or lightweight sweat pants, as a bottom layer. A second layer might be a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt with heavier weight sweat pants.

Women usually wear a sleeveless top or tee with short, cropped, or full-length pants for a bottom layer. Multiple layers might be a tee shirt, then a long-sleeve, then a sweatshirt; along with warmer pants pulled over the bottom layer.

Cotton is nice as it breathes well. But synthetics also work well, and they dry quickly, which is an advantage.

Yoga is practiced barefoot. However, It’s nice to have a pair of socks  to put on for “savasana”  – relaxation pose – which is a key component of every class.

As we practice and sweat, our bodies release toxins, so it is a good idea to come into yoga clean and fresh. Its also important not to wear perfume, as the odor may bother your fellow practitioners.

By Jo Kirsch ©12/13/2013

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