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Finding Bliss

Finding Bliss

There is something about Snowbird that makes my spirit soar!

Bob Speck

That moment…
When you see the beauty of majestic granite mountains,
When you smell the fresh scents of tall pine forests,
When you touch the softness of sun-drenched powder snow,
When you hear the songs of awakening Spring life,
And you feel the exhilaration of your body flowing freely with gravity…
Is when you know you have found bliss –
And when you know you have arrived at Snowbird!

bob-blog-imageEver since I first arrived over 30 years ago, I keep going back. Maybe it’s just the feeling of being connected to the natural beauty of the mountains. Maybe it’s the deep connection I feel with the Earth. Probably, it has something to do with an acute awareness of feeling my life as it’s supposed to be… free and flowing and joyful.

I brought my family there. I taught skiing and riding there. I almost moved there.

So why lead workshops that combine the practice of yoga and the experience of skiing and riding at Snowbird?

Yoga heightens our sense of presence, our feelings of connection, and our awareness of what’s going on. When combined with the present-moment exhilaration of flowing down challenging mountainsides with beauty and like-spirited friends all around to support you, the possibilities are endless. All of your senses feel peace and become positively-energized at the same time!

And awe-inspiring experiences are meant to be shared.

For me, as a yoga teacher, a ski and snowboard instructor, and a personal coach, it is a heavenly way to bring smiles to faces and to help people feel something wonderful!

In April of 2017, we will welcome our Heart of the Village Yoga community to a one-week yoga and ski trip at Snowbird! Join us. You will know when you have arrived!

Click here for info on our Yoga and Ski Retreat, April 2-9, 2017, in Snowbird, Utah.

©Bob Speck, 2016

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