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Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Breathing in I calm my body. Breathing out I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment.

Thich Nhat Hanh

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Aerial Restorative Yoga (Mellow)

This class is formatted so that at least half of the class is conducted with suspended swings near the floor so that the body is grounded while allowing the gentle stretching effect of suspended support. Swings are raised later in the class to allow focused stretching of shoulders, legs and hips, and opportunity for inversions (full- or partially- supported). Like an on-the-mat Restorative or Yin Yoga class, postures are often held for multiple minutes, often using additional props for comfort and alignment, and there is a relaxing ambiance of poetry, music, and letting go. Class sizes are limited to 6 participants so pre-registration is recommended.

Aerial Slow Flow Yoga (Mellow-Medium)

This class has similarities to a traditional on-the-mat slow flow yoga class, except swings are used to provide support and allow further exploration of traditional yoga poses. Suspended swings are used to provide support for traditional postures, most often with feet on-the-ground, as well as to provide support for inversions, full-body stretches, and relaxed lying-down positions. Classes are limited to 6 students. Class sizes are limited to 6 participants so pre-registration is recommended.

Aerial Power Yoga (Spicy)

A full-body, strength-building and body-stretching class combining yoga mindfulness principles, standing yoga postures, and aerial suspension training. Classes include breath work, meditation, and use of hammock-like swings in a one-hour guided format. This class also adds the use of suspended multi-height grips to allow bodyweight strength training and other supported options.Class sizes are limited to 6 participants so pre-registration is recommended.

Aerial Power Yoga-X-Training (Spicy)

Classes combine the benefits of yoga practice with the principles of functional strength training. Class sizes are limited to 6 participants so pre-registration is recommended.

Slow Flow Yoga (Mellow-Medium)

Slow Flow Yoga is a lovely class integrating flow with seated and standing poses. As always, attention will be paid to alignment, breath and cultivating present moment awareness. Restorative poses may be introduced at the beginning and end of class. Open to all levels.

Flow Yoga (Medium)

Class incorporates sun salutations, moon salutations, standing poses, seated poses, alignment and focused breathing techniques. A range of postures are offered making this class appropriate for experienced practitioners and accessible to less experienced and beginners.

Power Flow Yoga (Spicy)

Practice powerful posture sequences while focusing on alignment and mindfulness. Classes focus on heart opening poses, hip opening poses, twists, inversions and overall increased flexibility balance, strength, and compassion. This practice is especially appropriate for athletes and those wishing to increase fitness levels. Classes enhance conditioning, improve cardiovascular health, and may even reduce the likelihood of injury. Some yoga experience is recommended, as we will explore some challenging poses, however modifications will be offered for the less experienced. Room is heated to 80 degrees, so you can break a sweat. Come hydrated!

Gentle Restorative Yoga (Mellow)

Ease your body through a series of standing, seated, reclining, and restorative poses designed to gently build strength, calm the mind and nourish the spirit. Cultivate relaxation, develop flexibility, improve balance, and dissolve stress and tension. Open to all levels, no experience necessary. Live music on most Thursdays.

LYB Graduates: You are eligible to attend Gentle Restorative classes taught by Jo Kirsch: 10:30-11:30am on Thursdays.

Yin Yoga (Mellow)

Yin Yoga uses gentle long held postures practiced with an attitude of compassionate acceptance to awaken the more Yin parts of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

“Yin is a magical doorway to come deep inside my own body, to enjoy my life that I was born to receive. Practicing Yin has allowed me to harness a great energy, physically,

spiritually and mentally. It heals my soul and that I never expected.” – HOTV Yoga practitioner.

Yoga/Pilates Fusion (Medium)

The BEST of Yoga and Mat Pilates in one class. An amazing flexibility, stretch, Yoga and Pilates class rolled into one. The dynamic blend of movement increases strength, balance, and agility, while relaxing and focusing your mind. This workout is very easy on your joints, yet delivers a great strength, balance, agility and flexibility workout.

Y12SR Meeting (Mellow-Medium)

This donation-based relapse prevention program is open to the community and anyone is welcome to attend. One does not need to currently be attending a 12-step program, or currently practice yoga, to participate.

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