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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

We often find our true inner power when we find balance between our striving to be better, to manifest our dreams, and our acceptance of who we already are.

Bob Speck


Personal Coaching with Bob Speck
Livestream or In-Person, indoors or outdoors:

Bob has been helping people grow and realize their full potential for over 40 years. Using a down-to-earth practical style of communication and a wisdom that comes with many experiences (and age), Bob has recently been offering one-on-one personal coaching to a limited number of Heart of the Village Studio members. Seeing the unique potential in each student, Bob’s work is student-driven to empower and inspire each student to realize their goals in life! Whether a student’s intentions are to find peace of mind or enduring happiness, to increase strength or flexibility, or to build personal power or resilience, Bob helps guide and support each student along their way.

Heart of the Village Yoga Teaching – If your goals are to develop yoga practices which are relevant to you and your current life situation, Bob will help you develop your practice. Bob can draw upon his expertise in Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Restorative Yin Yoga, Aerial “Anti-Gravity” Yoga, Adaptive and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Yoga Nidra, or Bhakti Yoga. Lessons often begin with breathing exercises and mindfulness-based practices to focus attention on what’s important in the here and now, and evolve to physical practices which are designed for each student’s unique body.

Bringing Heart to Life Coaching – If your goals are to reduce stress and struggles and find a more lasting happiness and peace of mind, Bob will draw upon various teachings from ancient Eastern and Indigenous cultures in ways that will help bring these teachings to life. Often times, our struggles in life can be shifted by how we see things – our perspective or point of view.  Bob will guide you through a Four Perspective approach to help you find your way and stay on course.

Functional Strength Training – If your goals are to have specialized training programs designed for your body, Bob will utilize his background in personal training, functional strength training, pain-free performance, and sports coaching to develop exercises just for you. Whether your intentions are to be more lean, to move with more ease, to be stronger, or to perform better, Bob will coach you through body-weight and functional-strength-building routines, weight-training methods, and day-to-day training programs, all of which are designed to progress over time.

Email Bob to arrange personal coaching sessions with Bob at Heart of the Village Yoga. Sessions can be arranged live stream online or in person, indoors or outdoors. To learn more about Bob visit perspectivecoaching.com.

What Clients Have to Say:

“I reached out to Bob to get some coaching support when I was at a really difficult place in my life. I was going through a major life trauma and was struggling to find my way out.   The transformation that I went through while working with Bob was quite incredible. He saw me through a period of grieving, through several major life changes (a move across the country, pregnancy and the purchase of my first home) and helped me to stay connected to myself throughout the process. He offered me several tools along the way and I always appreciated the guided meditations that he brought into our work together. I have come away from my work with Bob with an increased confidence in my ability to navigate life’s challenges and staying centered and compassionate with myself through the process. He truly has a gift in the work that he does and I can’t recommend working with him enough.” – Molly L.

A note of thanks from a client before a half-marathon road race: “Bob, other than (my wife), you are the only person that knows how much getting to the start line tomorrow means to me and how very hard I have worked to get there. You have been instrumental in helping me, guiding me for the past nearly 2 years as I’ve made this journey. I am so very grateful for your guidance and support. Regardless of how the race goes, I’ve made it to the start line and you have played a major role in this success. Thank you.” – Mark R.

“My goal was to find a focused workout to build strength, flexibility and balance and to help heal after an injury.  Having had Bob as a yoga instructor, I decided to try personal coaching sessions.  I have worked with a number of personal trainers and coaches over the years, but Bob’s skillset and perspective are truly unique.  His wide variety of certifications and experience are just a small indication of his incredible knowledge of exactly how the body works and how to challenge it to achieve goals of strength, flexibility or balance.  During the COVID pandemic, we’ve been doing virtual sessions and I feel as if he is actually in the room with me.  My injury has long healed and I continue working with Bob to achieve new levels of fitness and functionality!” – Audrey W.

“I’ve been working for Bob for about a year and a half. I had heard about the work he does and just called him up one day and told him that I’d like to improve a few things including strength, balance and overall physical health. As we explored all of these subjects in a yoga-based format, I began to understand that it’s a lifestyle, a practice,  not something measured quickly on a scale but rather a  growing awareness. Bob is a great inspiration, physically and spiritually and as a friend. We get together privately every week and I count myself lucky to be able to do that. The time seems to always run over our schedule and I missed it terribly when the studio closed in the early Covid adjustment. I’d recommend this personal coaching to anyone at any age who wants to try to be as centered and aware as possible of their physical and spiritual selves.” – Eric N.

“With his loving presence and vast knowledge in personal coaching, yoga, functional training, emotional healing, trauma, and more, Bob has guided me back home into my heart and helped me find the inner-peace I was seeking. If you’re considering working with him, take the leap.” – Shauntel F.

“Bob has an interesting way of showing you your own power by helping you create space for love and respect for yourself. Through yoga, meditation, and personal training I’m healing from the inside out. Over the last year Bob has helped show me how to love myself and appreciate all that my body does for me! Something I never thought was attainable for myself.” – Allie M.

“As a competitive skier, my performance is directly affected by my mental state and physical conditioning. Bob showed me that it’s just as important to focus on my personal state of mind as well as strengthening my body. Focusing on being the best version of myself was one of the biggest things he stressed. Not comparing myself to others… but focusing on my own personal growth was a huge takeaway for me. He incorporated yoga and meditation into our workouts, which I learned to respect and enjoy. Every movement or action was done with a purpose. He is great at tailoring workouts for the individual.” – Tyler C.

“Meeting with Bob weekly, I’m often impressed by his gentle & inspired instruction in the yoga studio, by his strength-training expertise, and by his sound tips regarding diet & healthy living. But his coaching is also integrative & holistic — it’s not just about training the body — it’s about training the mind as well. Bob is always gently reminding me that to have personal goals is good, but it’s important, too, to bring consciousness & awareness to all of my actions — including my workouts! And that this mindfulness is every bit as important in creating overall true health.” – Marc H.

“The value of a great mentor is inexplicable and immeasurable. Bob brings a calm, safe presence and accepts you where you’re at in every moment. Through our work together, I have learned to be comfortable being myself. He is a guiding light and a wonder to work with. I am so incredibly grateful to Bob for his help in realizing my dreams, true potential, and for always believing in me.” – Austin W.

“As a young adult, I don’t know where I’d be without Bob’s guidance. I use the techniques he’s taught me to find peace among the chaos. I find myself more centered, focused, and thriving than ever before. Bob is not only a great coach and mentor, he’s an inspiration as well. I am grateful for the overwhelmingly positive impact his lessons and the example he sets have had on my overall well-being.” – Lily R.

“Bob changed my perspective on life… from “I don’t deserve to be here”, or “I’m here but not here”, to “I deserve to be here. I’m here for a reason. Be still. And listen.” – Joel E. ret US Army.

Visit perspectivecoaching.com for more information. Follow Bob on Instagram @bobspeck_perspectives.

Bob Speck is a Registered Yoga Teacher (EYT-500), Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Strength Coach. Bob has been practicing yoga for about 20 years, receiving his 500-hr accreditation through Beryl Bender Birch (The Hard and The Soft Yoga Institute) in 2016. Bob has also studied with Eoin Finn (Blissology Vinyasa Flow Yoga); Matthew Sanford (Adaptive Yoga); Biff Mithoefer (Yin Yoga); Sean Johnson (Bhakti Yoga), Manoj Chalam (Hindu Archetypes and Deities); Gaura Vani (Bhakti and Kirtan); and Love Your Brain. He enjoys creating learning experiences which build supportive relationships, promote health and wellness, bring out the best in people, and provide ways for students to connect with the outdoor natural environment.

An athlete and outdoor enthusiast for his whole life, Bob is also a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School (Outdoor Education), Project Adventure (Adventure-Based Counseling), and is a PSIA/AASI Certified Ski, Snowboard, and Adaptive Instructor. He is also an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Functional Strength Coach (with Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning), and a Pain-Free Performance Specialist (with Dr. John Rusin). Bob has taught skiing and snowboarding for over 40 years, and has worked in the ski industry as a snow-sports school manager, staff trainer, and regional clinician. He has also been instrumental in the development of health and wellness and mentoring programs for disabled veterans in association with the Wounded Warrior Project and Warriors Live On, and with various adaptive sports programs. He has facilitated numerous educational workshops, led bike trips and backcountry hiking expeditions, coached various sports, mentored numerous athletes, and taught middle school health education.

Bob was previously a structural/architectural engineer and timber-frame home designer for over 35 years. Throughout his career, he has been a mentor for young professionals, helping many thrive in their careers. After moving to Vermont in 1996, he focused his work on sustainable design and timber framing by maintaining a small private practice called Gaia Structures. He maintains a lifelong Earth-friendly perspective in his work and in his life. Bob keeps a personal learning journal on his blog: A Mentor Walks With Me. To learn more about Bob visit perspectivecoaching.com.

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