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Meet Charlotte Alexander

Meet Charlotte Alexander

This is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy every moment of summer.

Charlotte Alexander

Charlotte is teaching our Wednesday, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Slow Flow Yoga class this summer.

“This is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy every moment of summer. Come to the mat to breathe deeply with me, find your focus, and release tension. I infuse each class with themes and intentions like contentment, ease, or joy. You might hear about a broken dryer, the smell of ferns, my love of Mr. Rogers, or a lesson in the Sanskrit word asana. Bring your smile, hiker’s muscles, busy brain, working hands, and have fun with me!

Getting to know Charlotte: “For the past ten years I’ve grown up by the Green Mountains of Vermont. I love hiking the long trail, backpacking, fly fishing, kayaking, hammocking, knitting, writing, traveling and of course, practicing yoga. Yoga has enriched each part of my life and built me into the passionate teacher I am today. It has helped to grow my active lifestyle and steady me in days when things move too fast.

I started taking yoga classes at Heart of the Village when I was 11 years old. At 14 I took the HOTV Yoga teacher trainingprogram and began teaching right after graduation. The teachers and community here built me into a confident speaker and made me realize my love for teaching.

Moving on from high school, in the fall I will be attending the University of Vermont as I major in English. I hope to always keep my yoga practice and stay connected to my wonderful Manchester community!

In my classes I love to incorporate everything and anything that goes on around me, connecting it to yoga and mindfulness in some creative (and sometimes funny) ways. I love to take the seriousness out of our yoga practices and come back to the fun loving attitude we all sometimes nee

d. You might hear some funny names in my classes, like boat to canoe, dead bug, Superman, or the-thingy-that-goes-side-to-side-in-a-grandfather-clock.

My favorite yoga pose reclined bound ankle. Often a place where I start each of my classes, it’s a wonderful to pose to breathe and release into.

I hope to see you all soon at my Wednesday 10:30 a.m. Slow Flow Yoga class.”

  • Charlotte Alexander, June 2022


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